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foreign substances and the infective organisms may thus gain

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by subsequent incision or incisions of the drum head and two by

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disease has not appeared should take every precaution to prevent its

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cause of the avian leukosis complex. Parasites such as coccidia and

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fate as the first. Whole families and those intimately connected or as

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coal tar creosote dip or disinfectant see Disinfection and Disin

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mother. In cases of heavy infestation the chicks soon

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disease. The disorder was apparently associated with feeding a

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establishing the professional confidence in former days in so called alte

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making an increase in the power to expire became then very evident

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regard to the exculpatory eftect of what is called partial insanity. In

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usually sessile and afiords but small space for any surgical appliance.

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couragement was offered to such as desired to embark in new industrial

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diarrhea after or days and a high mortality rate after about

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screwworm will attack any animal on which there is an injury how

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Bacteria and viruses invade the body in various ways mainly

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the results of this investigation has been to place me among the ranks

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is the failure thus far to develop an immunizing product at once

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articulations. Upon the latter changes depends the degree of deafness as

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mals and thorough cleansing and disinfection of quarters. Treat

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ventive measures be applied by a veterinarian or at least under the

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carcass may have matured and burrowed into the ground it is usually

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