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the provisions of the plan increased from during the first
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interference. This proposition is based ui on the treatment of two cases
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further reference to trichomonads in connection with genital disease
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The employees at the markets exercise the utmost vigilance to see
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The parathyroids are ductless glands that in large animals are
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per includes of courae the reception of those whose insanity is chronic
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These investigators determined by animal experimentation that the
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other diseases they may have a twofold cause namely a predisposing
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Liver fluke disease as it occurs in domestic ruminants in the United
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cattle grazing on the pasture have been tuberculin tested and found
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somewhat similar diseases of sheep and cattle have been recognized
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with the ophthalmoscope myopia and staphyloma have become nearly
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swine. Ascarids or large intestinal roundworms are very com
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the eating of undercooked infected meats and by the bites of ticks
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Breeding troubles frequently result from carelessness and ignorance
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and wide from an original center. They not only travel on their own
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is recommended in cases of ulceration of the cornea. It is claimed
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should be discouraged. The record may be attained but the pro
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very dependent on the constitution of the medium in which they are
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Except in the Mississippi Delta the disease occurs in the United

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