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member of the paratyphoid group of organisms of the genus

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charges. By intermediate hosts insects such as flies mosquitoes

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bran and linseed or cottonseed meal especially when given in large

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or vaccination is sanitary control. In herds where this method is

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drought is unfavorable to the development of eggs and larvae of

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Dr. Charles Heitzmann of New York said I would ask Dr. Keyes

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livestock of all kinds. Many of these pests act as disease transmit

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feeding on anthrax infected carcasses the same effects are observed

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the entire year. The ewe lambs that had been fed during the winter

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proven for a number of infectious diseases. It is stated that they are

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especially of pregnant heifers or cows. All animals added to a herd

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Typical feeds that are deficient in carotene are cottonseed meal

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of determining how much sound is conveyed to the auditory nerve

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clude that the micrococci played an important part in the production of

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railroads and the character of the carriage roads of a proposed district

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after a few weeks or months is followed by ulceration. The fingers and

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