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The acute pneumonias are attended by chills elevation of tempera

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brought to quarantine every summer except in. In the latter year

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parasites cause retarded growth reduced egg production poor condi

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as a carrier of the causative agent of blackhead. Graybill and Smith

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Man is of course susceptible to the human type of tubercle bacillus

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cases have been reported in milk goats. The mite Demodese canis

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tion of to should be considered suspicious. Not infrequently the agglutination test

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the post mortem findings are described by the authors.

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clonic tonic convulsions alternate rigidity and relaxation appear and the

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advanced by Dr. Holmes in many respects. The subject is one which requires

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any screwworms allowed to mature in wounds during the winter are

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periments performed to establish the action of the thymus on growth

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of the vitamin Bi deficient diet is largely responsible. The pro

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is usually a thin watery discharge from the nostrils followed by a

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more sharply drawn and further statistical details such as those of Neu

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more sensitive or susceptible to vibrations of high notes than to those of

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Mastitis means inflammation of the udder from any cause. There

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enlargement of buildings and their appointments and for transportation.

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