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hog cholera the system was. percent effective in protecting pigs
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limbs wading tanks instead of dipping vats may be used in treatment.
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open air although exceedingly painful and at times impossible is of
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always the result of inflammatory processes. It is rare to find extensive
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color making it unfit for food. Since such carcasses are rejected and
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Figure. Calves suffering from magnesium deficiency frequently have calcification
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Practically all cattle become infected not only once but repeatedly.
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into other animals or man the growing flukes invade and become
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set up in a majority of the States to demonstrate the application of
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the bird are affected by the avian leukosis complex. The liver
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widespread as to deter many ranchers from engaging in the sheep
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eastern type in the same period spread chiefly along the Atlantic
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In opening the discussion on The Treatment of Fibroid Tumors of the
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disease producing species such as the blood inhabiting protozoa
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her shoulders. He found things in order the next morning and on
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hence each should know what the other is talking about.
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mental tools the possession of which is invaluable and the want of which
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outside of those familiar with the situation as a whole realize the extent
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Up to this point we have been occupied with a consideration of the
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been possible to detect in the muscle tissue of infected swine the

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