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the larger part of the economic losses attributable to swine parasites

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In small streams near horse breeding farms or vacation resorts

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spontaneously. Such animals should be given a period of sexual

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the corpus luteum for the duration of pregnancy. With advance

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direct but quite obvious. Tapeworm segments are often found

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logical matters is so weighty is calculated to prevent many from resorting

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only way to cope with this parasite was to prevent infection.

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slaughtered and dressed in the establishment each carcass with its

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alone during the last war and many of them had to be slaughtered.

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and the sponge thus compressed may be passed without any resistance

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is transmitted by means of a tiny grass mite prevalent on pastures

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ducted experiments on treating infected hogs and the findings showed

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wheat bran wheat middlings and especially the protein rich con

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and although this uniformity of opinion exists as to hereditary predis

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age and finally cracked and that over a period of several months

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With the exception of the coccidia the protozoan parasites of

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Cross immunity tests cannot safely be carried out on the farm.

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