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the swine influenza virus. When cross immunity tests in ferrets were
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the first hours. This may be repeated as often as necessary until
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however would seem to have persisted as the patients tell you after
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in the United State s. It is caused by Trypanosoma equiperdum
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of general disturbance such as irregular heart action difficult breathing
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prompt application of the preventive serum treatment may be the
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suck blood and the bloodsucking short nosed ox louse. Infestation
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nasally into susceptible pigs but if serum from normal pigs was
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cephalitis St. Louis type virus when artificially inoculated and in
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hatching of pullorum infected eggs in an incubator results in wide
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investigations now in progress in different sections of the country may
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that would seem to be about as discouraging as possible and suggests
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nation for trichinae or pork intended for export to foreign countries
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Feeds low in carotene which should be supplemented with carotene
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destruction. The outstanding and most characteristic lesions of the
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to hours after reaching maturity and the period of pupation may
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cautions of pasteurizing milk and cooking meat however make these
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sterility in cows has produced some confusing results. The Oregon
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tricts there is a more or less definite anthrax season when the
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these two ended B Mmtaneously two were delivered by the forceps with

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