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brittle and liable to rupture than after this change is fully accomplished.
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bump into objects and attempt to push them over rather than walk
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that in Australia the intratracheal injection of a mixture of part
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by bacteria in the paunch of cattle and the evidence on the dietary
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symptoms of vitamin Bo deficiency that they had observed in growing chicks
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drug remedy known to science will prevent or cure certain diseases
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and in chickens against gapeworms. Some of the animals will also
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These cases are not very exceptional. The list could be largely in
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fact it be should have remained so long undetermined. The slow growth
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ism capable of surviving many years in soil. Various species of ani
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them. After a brief examination of the subject of mortality among
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It was recognized that in order to protect young pigs against
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hygienic procedures but on especially heavily infected premises
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stances prove disadvantageous from the idea the patient may take up
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trimming. Courtesy of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station.
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down. This variability was due to movements of fluid in the. tympa
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rhage from it is well illustrated by the familiar fact that sinapisms or
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ware Maryland New Jersey and Virginia. From these cases a type
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States. The first great achievement in this country in completely
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cause and the almost instantaneous cessation of the convulsions when
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jam. The liver kidneys and lymph glands are usually congested and enlarged
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life cycle which involves temporary residence in a carnivore such as
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transmitted from the dam to the unborn calf which also becomes a

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