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obtained by microscopic inspection here showed some of the pork
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In man the clinical picture of trichinosis has been ascertained in
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broken down or semifluid. The lymph glands associated with the lungs may also
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smaller bronchial tubes of the lungs. The female worms produce
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softened and swept away an enormous piece of his skullcap. The wound
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terin therapy the use of bacterial extracts for disease prevention
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inflict on human beings are often very irritating when there are
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became infected with parasites during the first few days of their
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inarians. A desirable mild purging action follows the use of
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flukes and tapeworms mentioned in this article require intermediate
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combs brushes and blankets should be cleaned and disinfected before
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polyvalent vaccine or bacterin is not the same as a mixed vaccine
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Tuberculosis exists in many forms depending on the part of the
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inflammation of the serous linings of the tody cavities. Foreign sub
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Fortunately the habit of eating raw fish is not widespread here.
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the hair lungworm MuelleHus cajnllaris. Other species of lungworms
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microscopic appearances of the circulatory apparatus indicate that in a

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