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from the rumen also produces distressing symptoms and may cause
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Anti swine erysipelas serum has been available for some years but
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quietly in the eggs as long as months awaiting this stimulus.
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method described later. Even though animals might recover with or
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fected farm present a hazard to livestock having access to such a
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ually and evenly outward from above and are free from deep grooves
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under these conditions. The infective larvae rest on the upper more
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site of equines. Female specimens vary from to inches in length
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is established and also because some of the animals may already
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animals were used by practically all farmers to haul farm produce
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copper under which they recovered. In no instance was it necessary to
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amounts to between and. It cannot be properly concluded
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gallinarum by placing them in a thermostatically controlled cabinet
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which infection may escape from the area involved. No movement
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lambs in which. percent of the animals were affected but feeding
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Section on Obstetrics I propose simply to bring prominently forward
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curing mange. Adding oil to the water in properly constructed
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animal diseases. A few of them Simultaneous injection of immune

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