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T. the normal standard. Other things which will contribute very
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Roundworms or nematodes which parasitize almost every organ in
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eosin appear within the confines of this layer of cells. These fibrillar structures
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Swine dysentery also called black or bloody scours and by other
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taminated with unknown substances should be avoided in the feeding
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sheep do not become infected from infectious premises and flocks
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pigs seem to recover from the infection particularly when turned
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In the case of internal parasites Sarles points out the existence of
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present in animals of good breeding that are being fed an adequate
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outer layers dermis and epidermis in which there are heavy infil
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tissues may be considered a disease producing agent and disease may
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is the more dangerous to man in this respect since the bladder worms
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in diameter in extreme cases weighing several pounds. Occasionally
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families in intelligent private patients but have never been able to
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for the membranes of the eye mouth and air passages whereas virus
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susceptible to foot and mouth disease are used can disseminate the
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detail the authors discuss a number of foot ailments and their causes
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The publications include a good many intended for laymen technical
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intervening fluid. A negative test remains uniformly cloudy without the
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tine the larvae extend the proboscis and attach themselves to the wall
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but failed to discover any cause. The hemorrhage finally yielded to ergot

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