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Anaplasmosis is generally considered to be a tropical or semi

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ceps if carried out systematically on isolated herds will keep the

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in more northerly streams where buffalo gnats breed. It is also

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Federal and county livestock officials breeders dairymen and others

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conditions tend to overcome the self consciousness which is always more

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unsatisfactory after the infection has become well established and in

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feeding on anthrax infected carcasses the same effects are observed

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neither deadly nor poisonous. The fact is that all isolation experiments

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carbon bisulfide in capsules is administered to the horses which

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State veterinarian or to the agricultural experiment station which is

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parasites in very small numbers. Of the garbage fed hogs which

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convolutions and seem to depend upon some local cause. The atrophic

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ence of the mite that causes common sheep scab. In some instances

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presented the child for treatment she being again subject to corneal ulcers.

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of the horse family and remain on the host animal continuously.

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lay eggs. During warm weather the life cycle is usually completed

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rate the organism was recovered from more than three fourths of

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sustained traction on the muscle the general direction being perpendicular

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