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mals not being regularly worked should have some exercise every
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that cause diseases are of various types and classes and the diseases
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as they would be from ditterent proportions. And all primary substances
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be of extreme importance on premises where there have been outbreaks
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the acquirement of articulation is sometimes very astonishing. The sound of
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oval window That the cause of such a peculiar alteration in hearing
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tions were unchanged. A notable feature was that the cells were
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been very high whereas in the breeding establishments housing par
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U. S. Pullorum Tested class in the testing year is required to
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drainage from lots or pastures that have been used by an infected
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The species of Cooperia commonly found in the small intestine of
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premises some mites are to be found among the feathers of.the fowls
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The symptoms of nutritional myopathy in ducklings appear quite
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considerable sloughing of the parts and sometimes the loss of ears
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or death in a considerable number of chicks at about the same time.
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nary conditions will be discussed briefly. The more important forms
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yet the widespread damage they do every year is unnecessary be
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in type and prevalence exist much more generally among skin diseases
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There is a great deal of variation in the symptoms and the injuries
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contaminated ground. In the intestine the cyst wall ruptures re
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capacities. In the school year colleges in the United
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bulls under examination the infection in the heifers will be vaginal at

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