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governed the idea that they or rather the cerebral organism with which

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spread from animal to animal by contact and that infection probably

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delicate and exact. As the author points out however much more is

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with the exception of Muellerms capillaris Elaeophora schneideri

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those of tuberculosis actinomycosis coccidioidomycosis and other

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lence in the poorer and richer classes here and abroad may be explained

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at hand is applied by placing a small pinch among the feathers next

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disinfecting each nodule or the animals can be destroyed. Sar

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Since pneumonia is frequently associated with certain acute infec

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act on the gonads ovaries in the female and testicles in the male.

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the superintendent s somewhat compulsory request and to the expunging

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The thread necked strongyles which also infest the small intestine

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is usually of diminished intensity and remains local in its character

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Swine in the United States are affected by two kinds of mange

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information published by various investigators that the waste of

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duction. The result has been increased livestock losses in many areas.

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parasites that are among the most serious enemies of

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covery of riches susceptible of being developed advantageously in the

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to employ the necessary restraint he was always doing something ludicrous

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thoroughly washed off with clean water before the livestock are

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Although the direct injuries produced by external parasites are

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