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Paralysis of the hindquarters is a rather common manifestation of
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needs further study. Ketosis a disorder characterized by a high
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sitely hereditary character of the aflfection can also be brought forward
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tion as having shown perhaps phases of simulation which might have
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of sugar of lead that are fatal for certain animals Cattle to
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induced infectious anemia are extremely variable. The changes may be very
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In a sense active immunity is induced by giving the animal a mild
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dectic mites that attack man and other animals belong to more
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eggs reach the ground in droppings hatch and develop into infective
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days although some survive and make a complete recovery.
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are known to be favorably influenced by iodine the iodide of potassium
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highly productive soils and good farms where more horses and mules
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tion of the lung tissue which on cross sectioning has a characteristic
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added that bleeding is very easily provoked in other mucous membranes.
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workers especially that of Schmidt have recently obtained promising
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would supply sufficient carotene for normal reproduction.
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scopic condition did not materially change for three years. In June a
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of these operations. The uterus and vagina in complete inversions represcDt
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this public manner that the unsatisfactory condition of others is attribu
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folds. However Capillaria annulata may be readily distinguished from Capillaria contorta
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is acquired from infected pork that has not been thoroughly cooked.

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