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America. In Africa it is transmitted by ticks belonging to the

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paratively recent date and stands in bold contrast to the older humo

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ries Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia though these

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bling necrotic enteritis and that supplementary feeds such as raw liver

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nish the starting point for controlling the disease by breeding methods.

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Treatment Dosing under proper conditions with arecoline hydro

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profuse eruption of verrugas which proceeded rapidly to ulceration accom

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caution should be used when swine from the outside are brought

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measures hog cholera continues to be the most serious and destructive

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they may escape from their usual location and be found on the surface

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unpalatable to cattle on account of its acid taste.

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tion period. If an unlimited supply of this hormone were available

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weather is warm and this habit may be utilized in preventing or

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swallow baling and barbed wire for instance staples nails scraps

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system. I always use it in cases of hemorrhage from subinvolution and do

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ceived its name because in pioneer times the bulbs were often mis

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sores from mercurial treatment and thus confined his attention to the

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there hasten the oxygenation of the infectious substances held in ol

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The virus of hog cholera cannot be seen with the most powerful

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poisoning parasites estrum and various irritations and excitements.

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appearing smoky or grayish and at this stage the sheep is blind. This

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