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wounds or cuts. Since experiments by the United States Bureau of
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nection with the Maternity at Copenhagen there are a number of small
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fowl in the United States is from Colorado. Twenty nine deaths
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and brownish. It has a rounded abdomen rather long wings and
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aluminum they may be kept in containers made of these materials.
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liver also usually appears somewhat enlarged and is blotched with
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have become skilled in removing calculi obstructing the urethra of
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although in the North Central States they may begin activity about
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direct in the latter it is indirect. The host in which a parasite
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variety of cattle scabies has been practically eradicated and at the
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respecting all women under inspection or having left inspection or
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The liquid employed in these experiments was obtained from an infu
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the warm summer months both buried and unburied carcasses undergo
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nitely but provided that infected vessels should be detained not less than
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he has no remedy for the disease but can only moderate the symptoms
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are intimately connected with low lying wet pastures. The use of
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American meat industry which by had developed a rather

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