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and this accounts for the careful attention given by livestock pro
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according to data either official or of acknowledged scientific authority
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decreasing since the suppression of the saladeros in and the de
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the water forming a layer to inches deep depending on the quan
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indoors. Overcrowding of young animals in quarters where the air
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I may use the term of musical note with a not easily determinable
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in the case of the beef bladder worm Cysticercus bovis to as much
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amounted to two thirds of the balance of mentioned in the table
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for the hard sore or the secondary rash because these may disappear of
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by drainage. From the two foregoing facts it may be deduced that the
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tory function occurring that the blood is positively cyanosed. This is
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of the research men the bacteriologists parasitologists chemists
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not hesitate to repeat before this assembly my assertion that I hope
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substance be a fever producer or do we know of any substance whose
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infection at the rate of. percent. Four years later the test of
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by organisms that had invaded the spinal fluid prior to treatment
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the nucleus. These specks increase in number as the change progresses
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which in the present state of our knowledge of psychology cannot he
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recover rapidly after or days but complications may retard
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bones of the hind and front legs has been reported occasionally in

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