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mode of operating for its restoration. The result has been in all the
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sistency of stone and chips and cracks easily. Brittle hoofs tend to
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in an elongated shape to its smallest dimensions. It may then be laid
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biniodide of mercury and the two continued mixed treatment.
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The common liver fluke of sheep and cattle has been reported as
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Data from several studies suggest that equities harboring approxi
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general dermal phenomena. If the exanthemata had any real power to
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In T. C. Madison stationed at Fort Randall Territory of
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consume rations high in salt unless the salt is added gradually. He
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close relatives is not only a bloodsucker but a carrier of
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by its not very rare occurrence the rapidity of its growth and particularly
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Dogs are attacked by three kinds of mites each of which causes a
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mals to pasture also resulted in recovery. An extract from the
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by the larvae in the course of their migrations as well as those
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the exuded fluid becomes more decidedly purulent in character and

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