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    Few persons not engaged in the livestock business realize the number

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    dical examination at the hands of a medical supervisor of schools and

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    have plenty of bedding. All pigs should have good nourishing food

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    guinea pigs the condition is typical of vesicular exanthema of swine.

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    nodule is formed. If the wall or encapsulation becomes dense on

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    come economic pests in any area. Farmers and ranchers must learn

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    a special temporary pasture and the farrowing may be done in indi

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    bor the true cattle ascarid. The injuries already enumerated and

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    of these possibilities are supported by sufficient evidence to warrant

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    Nocard that the disease is a Salmonella infection has been entirely

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    abundance in North and South Dakota. Certainly it has become

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    or used may fail to prevent or control an outbreak of disease or

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    There are some other conditions such as malposition of embryos

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