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to light brown and finally to dark brown or almost black.

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infection it would be necessary to initiate protective measures even

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and have to resort to direct local treatment. The first direct application should

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Division Bureau of Animal Industry fi indicate that it may

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prevalent in some sections of this country however and the possibility

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worms of swine in the South has likewise proved highly effective.

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countries less liable to infection but the repeated battles against cholera

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today begin their discussions of the earlier studies of the disease with

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has been assumed that Actinomyces or the ray fungus is present on

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horses free from the disease. If the disease occurs all horses on

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sity of Ohio. This is a tremendous loss since statistics indicate that

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practice during such a season as the summer just passed. Herpes zoster

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has met with more hindrance than he had anticipated in obtaining from

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ducted by trained specialists is the best known means of solving such

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