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this manner. That the virus does not always die rapidly after
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birds. In the engorged blackflies the leucocytozoa pass through a
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Most cases of pericarditis caused by foreign bodies are found on
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transient inflammatory and irritative changes throughout the viscera.
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about two thirds of California and Arizona and the southwestern
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curative effect Greig explains this as follows The effect is a
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cessful treatment of these formations which are usually free from
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The second class of conjanctival aflections comprises catarrhal con
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the world where they will be judged by the general standard of effort
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or cautery thus avoiding many of its dangers. At first this proposition
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and that something more was necessary than merely defending the
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of the feet. Poor conformation can be largely avoided by proper selec
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ditions appears to be especially conducive to pregnancy disease.
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losses can be sharply reduced by effective medication and the use of
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not be distinguished by any characteristics of form. Usually reddish
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The mature worms of the three species named range in length
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adequate under all conditions. Vitamin C is also synthesized in the

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