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The prevention of pregnancy disease as of most diseases is much
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worm Chabertia ovin a are not amenable to treatment with either
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known as bighead. Goats and swine are similarly affected. The
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Voice understood with difficulty at feet. Cotton drum introtluced being so
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the severe drought of that year. Since such a program was to be
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enough doses so as never to excite salivation in the slightest degree and
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The coccidia belong to a group of Protozoa known as Sporozoa
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maintenance of the nervous system particularly the main peripheral
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may be withdrawn and a blunt nozzle attached to the bulb contaiuiug
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ing. In years on different farms sows farrowed pigs
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during the first few days of illness while others linger for several days
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The disease may be differentiated from rabies chiefly by its rapid
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the cell are entirely lost and its attachments to the surrounding nerve
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direct in the latter it is indirect. The host in which a parasite
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vania experiment station J and was shown to be true for what
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grains are broad capsules and each of them may contain a number
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and the District of Columbia have laws that regulate the practice of
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losses can be sharply reduced by effective medication and the use of
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nancy toxemia and old ewe disease the term pregnancy disease is
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The treatment of bumblefoot should include all possible provisions
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tions containing lead the danger is particularly great if the herbage

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