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failed to detect Wood s mental infirmity until he was asked what had

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rate of growth and general condition of a pig infected with ascarids

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Sarcoptes and Demodex which live in the skin of the host animal.

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illness during life. Only of the positive diaphragms contained

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unless special care is taken to prevent contact with other cattle and

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In order to obtain a smooth mixture the water must be added in

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could be those of swine influenza but most of the pigs showed no

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such as inadequate nutrition severe climatic conditions and disease

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When introduced into a clean herd goat lice spread rapidly from

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bnt had no recollection afterwards of the pin sticking him much less of

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old. Growth usually ceases several days before death occurs. In

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within certain limits fixed by the governing laws and regulations.

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possible to detect the poison in the tissues of animals thus leading to

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The mites of the new generation form new burrows and begin lay

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Horn flies are easily killed by most of the livestock sprays now in

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deposited has not been accurately determined but appears to range

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calcium. Roughages that are artificially dried immediately after

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directly in the tissues afiected by the eray degeneration. It was ob

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Hexamita meleagridis is a microscopic spindle shaped flagellated

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