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widely distributed and is found in the greatest numbers. It is slug
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prove to be hereditary and that this finding can be used to advantage
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sterile water in which the cook who boned and minced the chicken
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l gt ecome familiar with the subject expressed very nearly the truth We
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Two species of tapeworms Moniezia exfansa and M. benedeni
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From the medical standpoint as well as the economic it is important
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known as anthracene oil are the most effective of the many mate
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extensively used because it is free from objectionable odor.
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Dipping which consists in immersing animals in a medicated liquid
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electricity can be generated which does not display more or less all its
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Gruinea pigs on the the other hand are susceptible to both bovine
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ers was recognized by Hippocrates about B. C. and described
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Applying nicotine sulfate to the perches shortly before the fowls
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In feeding studies much attention is given to comparing the rate
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jump from one farm to another often skipping over intervening
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in the United States is a temporizing method of control. Such
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quarts per day period. The daily intake of salt in brine was thus
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and put him under the influence of chloroform. This modified the violence of
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