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respectively. The sheep that survived received only one half of a
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provided for each group of pullets. At all times the feeding water
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had been made by Morton his former partner in dentistry of the power
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March Dr. Robinson wrote The patient is quite comfortable pulse
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of a month birds died. On post mortem examination they showed
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liar to kidney worm infection. Infected animals frequently dis
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observation. Ratcliffe and Stubbs failed to transmit leukosis
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stood within the eggs of the cecal worm Heterdkis gattinae which
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tests for these diseases furnish considerable information to livestock
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flocks vaccination is not accompanied by these serious after effects
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Eingworm is a contagious disease caused by certain microscopic
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weakness are progressive. A greenish or yellowish diarrhea develops
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stances as favored the growth of bacteria. The suspected solution was
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horses in certain localities among them the black legged tick Ixodes
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their hands with disinfectants before and after making examinations
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pneumonia lasting from a few days to several weeks. If death does
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Though statistics prove beyond doubt that ligation of the carotid
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there is no practical vaccination or cure for the animal

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