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Another repellent developed by Schwardt is made Dy emulsi

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active measures. The lining of the lids especially the uppt

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Active immunity develops only after or weeks whereas pas

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also may bend sidewise a hump may form or the back may sway.

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a susceptible animal with feed or water these sporozoites are liber

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volving incision and the removal of the testicles as well as docking

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plants. Each of these extracts is a powerful insect poison and both

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muscle tissue from millions of hogs intended for export and the

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The most frequent direction however is frontward toward the heart.

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ingesting the snails in grazing. After being liberated the infective

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thrive in the more humid area east of the present area of great

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adopted the following five propositions the first four unanimously and

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of foundation and we challenge its advocates to produce a single instance

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multiplying as they did before now grow continuously into filaraenta.

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deep into the tissues where they wander around feeding and grow

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vent the introduction of this insidious disease than to eradicate it

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exposed by feeding or pen contact developed the disease while

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produce wounds are timed to occur in the seasons when the flies are

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get cedematous and shortly afterwards also the other. May a severe diar

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sterol. Vitamin D deficiency is readily prevented or cured by a

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