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once they are stained the dye cannot be removed by acid treatment as

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may have much to do with the severity of the symptoms of coccidiosis.

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in the lumen of the large intestine. Nodular worms bear a marked

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growth of the hoof wall at least once a month. Pastured animals

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or delirium and dies. In some cases however the disease stops with

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examination of the cheesy lesions or retained fluid of the upper diges

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ficiency is easily avoided by giving animals free access to salt

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for the atmosphere. Indeed it has been observed that the people dwell

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return to the damp shaded portions of the grass and to the soil

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edition of Fergusson s Practical Surgery in the account of the operation

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periods to determine whether there is infection or any abnormal con

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slowly and is usually confined to the tail or legs. Follicular

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marked in tuberculosis. Tubercle bacilli may be grown in a broth

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to the cattle industry in certain areas of these States. Affected ani

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June which formerly could not be published the control iu

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delivered and after that yon must have them arranged in such tabular form

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and this can he in great measure accomplished by remembering the two

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