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after reaching the fourth stomach they penetrate into the wall of

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The species of whipworm found in human beings is closely related

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guilt of transgressions of these present regulations particularly of and

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disease processes in animals is also known. Experimental work on

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ance and the causes of insect attacks on animals. Conditions for

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Following their discovery trichinae later recognized to be round

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mal bodies reveal that a large number of mineral elements are

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In the burrows or galleries made by the mites in the skin each

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may become involved. As the disease advances increasingly large

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serious pathological conditions and marked clinical symptoms based

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they cannot spread the infection. Those that die should be burned or

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be prevented almost entirely by proper technique in handling the

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anomalous positions and presentations. But in selected cases this negl t

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of the State livestock sanitary authorities the State experiment sta

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method now principally used. It consists in the injection of tuber

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from hogs in another State on the Atlantic coast the incidence was

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should be remembered the bloodvessels of the tympanic mucous mem

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