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determined that the host is parasitized by swallowing the infective

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montory of the sacrum do most of the compressing work and that by

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flukes and tapeworms mentioned in this article require intermediate

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of Cattle and requires the same kind of control meaures when it occurs

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severe swellings of the affected parts with pus formation ulceration

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June which formerly could not be published the control iu

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attack of intelligential and convulsive troubles which he would not treat not

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with bowels often habitually constipated circulation disturbed and

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Coccidia may become localized in the cecum causing an acute often

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Swedish square miles Lapland included and the means of communica

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usually with firmness and certainty. At home with those whom they have

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The whipworm is about to inches in length. The body is com

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of microscopic size each containing a tiny embryo are liberated by

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symptoms of a heavily parasitized condition. Death sometimes re

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and are very nutritious. Some species are harmless at least at

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Metzger states that with few exceptions the cases reported in

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phied and in others again in some stage of granular degeneration or of

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dermic medication is indicated. This is one of the few ailments of

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