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three species of amoebae that are analogous to three similar species
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means of prevention or treatment. Diagnosis depends upon labora
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necessary to continue the systematic dipping to insure eradication
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in the complete disappearance of chronic proliferations abnormal
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ceedingly small numbers only to larvae per grams about Sy
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from recovered cases is sometimes employed. Stimulants may be
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changes that take place from the beginning of one heat period to
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degree wherever lambs are fattened for the market. The disease
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and on the following day she died. The post mortem examination showed no
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that the flies overwinter in the nasal cavities of sheep as first stage
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in regions where the available soil phosphorus is rather low. When
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drug into surrounding tissue. This will cause swelling and abscess
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A percent solution of silver nitrate has given very good results as
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have been plugged by the formation of a coagulum. The history of several

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