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transmitted by mosquitoes. Buffalo gnats transmit the leucocytozoan

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cannot be too strongly insisted on. The symptoms invariably yield to a

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Gruinea pigs on the the other hand are susceptible to both bovine

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the material to be disinfected to the required temperature and it is

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cannot occur. The feeding of wet mashes necessitates scrupulous

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cidium penetrates the body of a snail and produces several more gen

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present. Skin lesions are difficult to see except on the lighter colored

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It is difficult to make a positive diagnosis distinguishing between

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malin may be sprayed into the compartment and allowed to evap

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the ears are not well soaked they should be hand treated. Mangy

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it been experimentally proved to be a poisonous plant.

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ground work for the modern science of bacteriology. It was likewise

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A case of generalized human type tuberculosis in a year old par

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as for instance in the supervention of flooding where it becomes de

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has given excellent results. This is also the laboratory test used for

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order to make the head descend midway between flexion and extension

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tial deficiency in chicks results in a condition known as curled toe

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herently imperfect and is fraught with the danger of giving persons

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