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sometimes prove serviceable in torpidity of the liver they do
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support for over a year. Then the foot was opened pus found
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elevated above the niveau and terminating near the corona
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mitral valve in many cases of aortic regurgitation. As to the
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Rivista scientifica e pratica di fisicoterapia idroterapia kinesi
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traverses the front and sides of the limb reaching at its centre
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diet of fish is conducive to the production of nearly all skin
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pear. The reaction is irregular and more reliable in
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case in which the si.xth sacral segment was involved
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treated is inoculated into a suitable experimental animal and no
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In the case reported by the writer there was a tangental
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nervous theory evolved. He sought to explain not only the transient convulsive
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results of ojieratire intervention such as he practises. In this
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tion review obligations on its members. In short the Jus
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pavilion. The architect s plans have been accepted.
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promiscuous and illicit intercourse of the sexes than in other
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place. In other instances the amputation must go further the inter
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disease can rarely be diagnosed by cytological methods
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such as would interfere with its activity. Professor Williams
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enough and all lenow that though itself a mere conse
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and instead of its being disgraceful as was the case in
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deficiency. The cells do their work better under normal glandular
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morbus consumption convulsions croup diarrhoea dropsy dropsy of
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in the preliminary stage had most probably no small share in pre
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and indicated that the surface layer of wood contains more
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occupying chiefly the trunk more particularly the sub
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ment dans le Camps et les Hdpitaux Militaires depuis jusqu au
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osmosis the aqueous humor being forced by the intra ocular
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simple and direct way by our good chairman Dr. Wessel
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one daily injection of two and a half drachms of iodine solution was
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pleuritis and heart failure. The pneumonia while producing the ordinary
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pustule at the expiration of fourteen days produced by inoculating some simple
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malarial has been given. And not only so but Mr. Lyons thinks that