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in attempting to develope an enlightened system of sanative medi

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In tropical countries the chigoe Pulex penetrans frequently bores

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peculiar type such as rheumatism or influenza. Precision in

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the disorganization of the grannlar layer in tlie dentine subjacent to

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common in the tropics. Its relative proportion to other diseases may be

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through the failure to recognise the first cases the illness iving

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conditions were so correlated with some specific parasitic

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As the thorax is approached two other factors become operative the

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Ley transmitted horse pox successfully to man in seven cases and Hertwig

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Age. By reference to the histories it will be seen that

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authors or in some cases taken as read Mr. G. Padley

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water except that taken from the tap. As soon as this was done

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importance and immediate practical value to human beings as

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thin uncorded unplated boxes. Early in the morning wc lightships

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ly. It was multilocular one cyst only taking on rapid develop

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be again lost the tenij erature rises and a relapse occurs.

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sion means inflammation or synovitis which is to be treated by abso

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in the treatment of diarrhoeal affections acute and chronic

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syndrome which included all or most of the following signs and symp

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point. It will be further suggested if these same means could have

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chorea ofl and on for the past eight years. The first

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apparently haemorrhagic and discrete white areas were present over

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Transactions of the American Dermatological Association. Vol XXIV.

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example in the filtrate series of ten successive passages from Case I i

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upper fourth molars causing them to be pushed somewhat out

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Chantemesse does not apply his method to the microbes con

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erysipelas and in cattle quarter ill deer and cattle disease

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nea is given to this affection although strictly speaking it is a

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air often yields prompt and excellent results in protracted cases. The