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    Clostridium choMvoei the cause of blackleg in cattle and in sheep

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    III. The non infectious form is due to traumatic inflammations of a

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    before the infected group. When first calf heifers are added to the

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    its chief defenses are certain large cells called phagocytes which can

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    not to have been entirely abandoned in some localities even during the

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    same time interfering with its nutrient supply and growth. The ovuni

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    With lew exceptions the external parasites are insects or forms

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    mulations of litter and manure should be removed and preferably

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    this kind of cases. In the minor operation provided there be no other

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    solution Is the poisonous matter in putrid infusions destroyed by

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    rounds. Most of the germ destroyers are acids as carbolic sulphurous and

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    to barley often resulted in curing the condition. It was also found

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    fective to swine the ability of the parasite in the infective stage to

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    perhaps ten per cent. of the annual additions to the chronic members

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    react more vigorously to the increasing number of parasites. If the

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    looked to the left ilium the sagittal suture lay transversely and on the

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    for viruses contain living cells. The use of tissue cultures has made

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    and those with their ovaries removed. It acts directly upon the

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    the nasopharyngeal space and great pain. If this fluid or pus be removed

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    should also be cleaned if they are of wood or concrete construction

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    in chickens. It is manifested by intestinal disturbances depression

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    The functional value of the artificial membrane has been sufficiently

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