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The deduction from this series is that immune serum exerts a neu-
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own observations establish neither the one theory nor ^lie other,
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the uterine veins, chiefly from the puerperal uterus, either spontaneously
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some part of the brain itself, frequently the result of injury, and characterised
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oracular manner ; he retires, not to be seen again until the
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ments upon which sound depends. A lung pressed upon by water
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Malpighian corpuscles in the course of which greater
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apices and only the area of operation in the middle lobe was the seat
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forwards that, if a very dry atmosphere exerts a very deleterious effect
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ptoms could explain. These suggestions are amongst the
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(called by the Persians and Arabians Zoheil,) which be-
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absence of muscular movement. Owing to the former the vessels dilate ;
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reticulated tissue at the extremity of a bone affords a good typical
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tion of the spinal cord, and its sjstem of nerves. Of these
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induced, and they are usually more severe than when the metal
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A febrile condition is very common at sea ; it may be due
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fever, but also considerable glandular enlargements and enlargement
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strenuous measures fail. In spite of immediate recognition of the
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son of Mrs. Wicked, (a widow,) aged thirteen years, had been
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next day, face, upper part body, hands and arms deeply livid ; face, neck,
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prolapse of mucous membrane. The bowel appeared to be empty and
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der, spirits camphor, essence Jamaica ginger, essence pep-
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1. Women are not more disposed to take grippe than men except dur-
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The indications of too great reaction of the sangui-

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