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complex. Furthermore the mortality from the. avian leukosis com
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One animal to another especially during cold weather or when the
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soil. By means of contaminated food and water. By means
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reports of benefits derived from the program. Typical benefits re
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Scattered through the affected lung tissue frequently are accumula
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lateral cartilages which are attached to the third phalangeal bone
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the bovine type sparse rough and dry while that of the avian
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was consistently consuming an average of. pounds of total ration
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treatments with the mercurochrome or silver nitrate solutions.
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The tumor examined by Recklinghausen was pear shaped a little larger
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factory protection against infection but the expense of this procedure
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When an outbreak of anthrax occurs in a dairy herd the dairy
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they wander over the surface of the viscera and walls of the body
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round and secrete a heavy cyst wall about themselves while others
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among hospital patients who have passed under my care I have not had
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hogs that for extended periods had not received salt as a regular part
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is gradually dilated and all reaistauce overcome. By means of the lar
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tion and Disinfectants p. and efforts to minimize the danger of
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fection for susceptible turkeys. Since the principal sites of infection
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surgical treatment depends on the skill of the operator and the
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fed on forage grain and the usual supplements of tankage and

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