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base of the feathers on the top and back of the head
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overlying bone. The bone becomes thin and may even be perforated.
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handling neglect or exposure of animals in transit or
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exposed at all. Such conclusions are warranted only when an ade
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The injuries produced by coccidiosis in cattle result directly or
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molar teeth where they grow and molt to the second stage. After
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flock to flock. Effective control measures must await further
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certain circumstances the organisms may invade and erode the cells
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The tests must be carried out by technically trained persons but
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minister vaccines and remedies and suggest sanitary measures cal
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handling poultry elsewhere should not enter the poultry house or yard.
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tion of the affected chicks a puslike substance was frequently observed in
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days to many months are observed in the period of incubation the
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involvement of the lungs and the symptoms of croupous pneumonia.
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rious districts or in broken down constitutions and think that in such cases
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lesser degree of other organs as well as by ulcerative lesions of the
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spleen and omentum but a progressive disease does not follow.
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within the hoof extending above the hoof at the coronet point of
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Three groups of tapeworms are discussed. Those that live as
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in days but under cold unfavorable conditions the cycle takes as
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