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lesions in cattle free from Johne s disease and those in affected cattle.
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insane are numbered by hundreds and are sufficient to fill one or more
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tinually engaged in investigations directed toward finding a cure or a
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to Be discharged by suppuration and no crusts of burned tissue to be
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the number of pigs marketed. Following is a summary of reports
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securing pure drinking water and in personal cleanliness of the people
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der and the precrural gland in the flank region fig.. The
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hairless scars. Succeeding crops of abscesses and ulcers appear and
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the best and cheapest insurance of livestock health. For the great
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has been found in pathological quantities. When the specific gravity is
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preciable modification by the applause or disapproval of those about the
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as the infected hens. In the oviduct the parasites are responsible
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have been kept in a dried condition for more than a year without
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Diseases of newborn foals are due chiefly to infection though para
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at warm temperatures for varying periods they form toxins.
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dry the ground thus allowMug the air to penetmte into the latter ami
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water a little appetizing green feed protection against insects and
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Pullorum disease is observed in chicks from the time of hatching
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without the precincts of the town are guilty of transgressions against the
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The incubation period of the common horse bot is longer but the
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Ficure. The pupa production which can be readily estimated
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